July 11, 2016

DM.jpg25/7-6/8, 2016 - at FUMA CONTEMPORARY TOKYO - BUNKYO ART (Tokyo, Japan) there will be my exhibition “IKON-TAKT”. Check the official press release (in Japanese). 


TAMURA, Yoshiyasu

Professional Manga Artist, Painter & Illustrator

Born in Gunma, Japan, in 1977.

Since high school he has been involved with drawing cartoons and soon for a contract with the publisher Shūeisha. In 2003 his first manga, Fudegami (JUMPCOMICS, Shūeisha) was published on a very popular monthly again called “Gekkan Shōnen Jump”. Besides for drawing mangas he also works as a painter, inspired by Western style, and in 2008 he had his first personal exhibition titled “Genesis - Paintings by Yoshiyasu Tamura” at the Daimaru department store.

In 2011 he has exhibited his works at the “Nihonga ZERO” (Higari Zingaro, Kaikaikiki), an exhibition under supervision of Takashi Murakami. At that time he started to exhibit out of Japan., at art fairs. In the same year, starting from Mexico City, took part at several exhibitions abroad, including Basel, Taipei, Los Angeles, and New York, Poznan, Mexico City. In 2013 he has been invited to cultural events in Siena, Lucca, Lisbon and had a European tour of his works.

As he has published his works in various countries, in recent years he has received several invitations to hold his workshops in festivals and comic schools. His workshop always see large participation. In 2014 he had a personal exhibition at Palazzo Medici-Riccardi in Florence. He has worked with the fashion brand “McQ Alexander McQueen” for the woman winter collection 2014. Tamura has surely a bright future ahead, both a mangaka and as a painter.


Exhibition at Art Platform, Los Angeles, USA.
Exhibition at Art Taipei 2011 by Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan.
Exhibition at The Volta Show, Volta 7, Basel, Switzerland.
LinkIconRelease of Japanese Paintings 2nd Edition Zero refering to Japan Manga Style Painting Depatment by Takashi Murakami.
Exhibition at Zona Marco by Mexico Arte Contemporaneo, Mexico City, Mexico.
Release of Heroes in Sengoku Manga by Gakken Education Publishers.
First release of short stories of Fudegami Manga in Jump Magazine, Tokyo, Japan.
Assistant work at Masanori Katakura`s Go Da Gun, up to circa 2002.
Publishing of Trick Joker in Jump Original Magazine, Tokyo, Japan.
Assistant work at Yuko Asami`s Wild Half, up to circa 2000.
Publishing of King Manga in Special Edition Magazine.
Debut as a professional Manga Artist in Jump Magazine by Shueisha Company, Tokyo, Japan.



cho.jpgButterflies (inspired by FUJISHIMA Takeji)36249510.jpgHummingbird35799962.jpgMatsukaze (inspired by Genji-monogatari, Vol.16)tamura_genji-monogatari_01.jpgNowaki (inspired by Genji-monogatari, Vol.28)6731001.jpgEve
ZMPトリミング小RGB.jpgZMPsamurai_bunny_low.jpgサムライ・バニー天狐トリミング.jpgComet Fox16,蝶結び縮小.jpgBowknot14,来迎図.jpgRaizou-zu


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Yoshiyasu Tamura

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田村吉康絵画作品集 2013田村吉康絵画作品集 2013
田村 吉康

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黒彩 岡庭呑石・田村吉康 共作展 図録黒彩 岡庭呑石・田村吉康 共作展 図録
田村 吉康 岡庭 呑石

売り上げランキング : 37789

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元始 田村吉康絵画展2002 図録元始 田村吉康絵画展2002 図録
田村 吉康

売り上げランキング : 38052

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